We work in partnership with local gunshops in Massachusetts. If you purchase your handgun at Stateline, we provide free shipping to a local MA dealer for pickup. 



We also accept transfers from out of state dealers, manufacturers, or individuals. Fees start at $25. Please call for details.


Our onsite gunsmith and armoror will ensure your firearms perform to the highest standards. Find out more here.

Gunsmith & Armorer Services


We have 2 on-site gunsmiths who have extensive experience in building, servicing, and repairing firearms of all types.


Gunsmith services include:

  • General troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance

  • Trigger jobs on numerous firearm platforms

  • AR Platform builds, repairs, and modifications

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning

  • Scope mounting and leveling

  • Many many more!


Please call for hours and pricing.